Connecting the Dots in Blockchain & Tech.

We create brands, plan communication and establish partnerships for long-term growth. And our tailor-made services run on Marketing monthly sprints — constantly pushing creativity, growth and stats to best serve your business's interests.

Supporting the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As the Internet transformed and commoditized how society communicates, blockchain will transform and commoditize how society agrees, trusts, and transacts.

HashMark’s mission is to bridge opportunities, communities and collaborations, making sure the complexity of products, protocols or services doesn’t get lost in translation.

There’s Nothing We Wouldn’t Do.

Business ideas are told as stories. Communities are built around content. And opportunities are created through innovation. If you do it right, you have a success story.

Innovation is the only true way to create value. We support hand-picked early-stage projects through carefully planned fundraising strategies.

We are bound to deliver top-notch technical expertise and custom solutions for businesses, such as apps, dApps, web, smart contracts, name it. Wherever you’re headed, our tech can back you up.

The New Marketing Paradigm.

Sprint is a repeatable fixed time-box during which a ‘Done’ product of the highest possible value is created. In our case the best talent sparks creativity, optimised channels influence communities and all of that ignites growth and drives results. And every repetition means room for improvement.


Remote. Control.

A decentralized talent pool and a global partner network allow us to put all our efforts and resources into place so that your business grows organically on the specific needs of an ever-changing industry landscape.

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Global Partner Network:

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Experience is priceless. Whether it comes to marketing, creative, operations, growth or simply teaming up with the best in the industry, being there and doing that means lessons learned. And we’re happy to share.

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The Proof Of Work.

We support trusted brands and businesses that broaden access to innovative tech & blockchain-based solutions.

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The Onboarding Questionnaire.

Getting to know your business is the first step on the way to defining collaboration and delivering outstanding results.
We have created this handy questionnaire to make it as easy as possible in just under 2 minutes.


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#Your team already consists of (Multiple Answers):


#What is your primary time zone of operation:


#What is your Marketing goal in the next 3-6 months (Multiple Answers):


#What is your communication goal in the next 3-6 months (Multiple Answers):

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Do Your Research.

With quality data to provide quality insights, more blockchain & tech businesses can gain the advantages they need to innovate, grow and compete.

Whether it’s a niche target group or an undocumented new branch of industry, HashMark Research is here to get the job done before you can set your KPIs straight. So, do your research with us.

Testing, testing, 3, 2, 1.

We’ve initiated a procedure employed to reveal the presence of genius constituents within the blockchain & tech substance.

HashMark Lab has all the elements to build, implement, launch and grow - got an idea?
Let’s put it to the test.

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