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The world is on the move from web2 to web3, physical to digital, products
to experiences, TV to VR, TGs to communities, consumers to creators.

We create brands and communication for the brave new world to help
your business thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

The change in creativity

driving the change

Decentralized talent for decentralized times. We work as a global team of
creatives, strategists and makers, sourcing the best in the business.

Our creativity powers trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge,
capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

The original crypto exchange


Take back control of your data


The first debit card with XRP rewards


The world’s first decentralized knowledge graph


The art of monetizing the most valuable content








STEP UP: The world is on the move. From, to. As a result of the paradigm shift, some brands will lead, and others will follow. We believe the driver of change will always be #creativity. You can find us in the #metaverse. #web3 #branding

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 26, 2021

SPOTTED: Here's a new way to engage with your #community and supporters, let them have a say in how to go forward with the #brand and logo #design. After an on-chain vote and feedback collected, the results made it clear what the preferences for @Polkadot's #brand are.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 19, 2021

REVISION: “It feels as if many of the #tech mistakes from the past decade are being repeated on steroids.” It’s important to pause and celebrate the good that has been, all while learning from what went wrong. Exploration via @nytimes.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 18, 2021

SOCIAL TOKENS: “This is the type of #technology that I wish existed many, many yrs ago when I first started doing this,” said !llmind. Get ready for the next big thing in Web 3.0 - #socialtokens and all of their creator-centric economy. @CoinDesk

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 11, 2021

NEW WEBSITE: We have a brand new website. With a brand new mission. Brand new brands we’ve onboarded. And some brave new work. What didn’t change is our dedication to help businesses thrive in this changing landscape. Welcome to our domain. #metaverse

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 3, 2021

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH: HashMark is dead. Long live, hashmark! When talking is at its loudest in this day and age, try doing instead. Here's a streamlined version of what is up next for us.#rebranding #agency #metaverse

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) October 27, 2021

It's always a great experience to work with pioneering tech teams such as @origin_trail, especially when our collaboration and synchronicity go way back - right from the start.

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) October 19, 2021

FB IS OUT: It was all fun and memes out on the rest of the internet yesterday when #Instagram, #Facebook, and #WhatsApp went down. @Twitter clearly won it all with one single tweet: "hello literally everyone". via @nytimes #facebookdown

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) October 5, 2021

UNIQUE: Another #milestone achieved since physical meets the metaphysical. Remarkable always makes the headlines and so does this one-of-a-kind GT-R #NFT on @RubiXNetwork that comes with a set of keys to an actual special edition GT-R Nismo. Digital art by @ALEX_McLEOD_

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) September 29, 2021

CH-CH-CHANGES: Brands are living matter that continuously adapt to new times. Here are 2021's #creative trends on #design, #photography, #ux, and all things nice as seen through @Shutterstock's data assessments. A report to feast your eyes on. #Trending

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) September 14, 2021

HBD BITSTAMP: The world’s longest-running crypto exchange just turned 10 and we are joining the celebration. Looking forward to all the original things we can do together.#HBD @Bitstamp #10yearanniversary

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) September 1, 2021

STORY OF STORIES: When #socialmedia behaviors shift to using different formats and videos to talk about passions, new #business, initiatives & more, that's when the #creative process really starts. Otherwise, it's just the #story of the traveling feature.image via @emplifi_io.

— HashMark (@HashMark_io) August 25, 2021






Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd.
All rights reserved.