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The world is on the move from web2 to web3, physical to digital, products
to experiences, TV to VR, TGs to communities, consumers to creators.

We create brands and communication for the brave new world to help
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Decentralized talent for decentralized times. We work as a global team of
creatives, strategists and makers, sourcing the best in the business.

Our creativity powers trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge,
capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

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BUIDL MODE ON: 77% of #video #game devs are men, meaning most characters don’t reflect women’s diverse experiences. W/ @GirlsWhoCode , you can be part of changing that. It’s time to buidl for the #future of women in #gaming. #GirlsWhoCode #BUIDL

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) December 9, 2022

META AI: There’s a breakthrough in #AI & it’s all about #imitation learning or teaching AI how to learn from indexing thousands of online #gaming #videos. @Minecraft’s open-endedness makes it a great environment for training AI. Link via @techreview ?

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 30, 2022

GEN NFT: #generativeart has been around long before #NFTs. #Computer art, algorithmic #art, and computer graphics described #GenerativeArt ever since the 60s, before the internet existed. Here’s some context to the old new age #crypto art via @DappRadar?

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 16, 2022

WEB3 VISION: The Open Metaverse Alliance aka OMA3 is going for an interoperable #metaverse. It’s about time they (@animocabrands, @dapperlabs, @TheSandboxGame, @Decentraland, @AlienWorlds, & @UplandMe) start the debate as web2 giants are closing in.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) November 2, 2022

GOLDEN ERA: @a16z's @alive_eth explains it all - from the 2010 start in #blockchain to 1st #investment & today. #Interoperability is not there yet, but product and design pros of web2 will create a more user-friendly #crypto space as the products evolve. ?

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) October 26, 2022

NFT, SWEET NFT: Does your #NFT come with a lawn? This one sold for $175k USDC using @Roofstock on Chain and offers ownership of a #property in South Carolina - a newly renovated #Home onChain. It’s also the 6th largest NFT purchase in the past week.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) October 18, 2022

FACT CHECK: In the rush of all things #digital today, take 40 min to see this intro to #web3. Some concepts you have heard about,#NFTs & #bitcoin, whereas others may open even more qs. Building the #future =questioning the status quo in real-time.@Stanford

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) October 12, 2022

BACK TO THE FUTURE: A recently rediscovered #NFT project, almost as old as the #Ethereum #blockchain itself, has been brought back to life. Check the provenance of CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and Curio Cards back through the annals of the blockchain.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) October 7, 2022

INCLUSION: QQL contest, part of @tylerxhobbs's collaborative #experiment in generative #art, was quite the buzz with its hype and hands-on approach where everyone becomes the #curator. #QQLcontest ?

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) September 27, 2022

MINT NOW: Big brands brought mass adoption in through the front door and it’s all happening slowly, right before our eyes. These stats show the interest rate as we reach more and more diverse communities. All stats on IRL #Brand #NFT landscape: @nlevine19

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) September 14, 2022
GOT ART? #AI art doesn't mean the end of #art but is instead ushering in a new era of #creative production. ⁦⁦“Data is still the pigment — But now, the brush can think.” @refikanadol. See what AI ‘Imagination’ has to do with memories, #NFTs, and #Web3. …






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Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd.
All rights reserved.