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The world is on the move from web2 to web3, physical to digital, products
to experiences, TV to VR, TGs to communities, consumers to creators.

We create brands and communication for the brave new world to help
your business thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

The change in creativity

driving the change

Decentralized talent for decentralized times. We work as a global team of
creatives, strategists and makers, sourcing the best in the business.

Our creativity powers trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge,
capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

The original crypto exchange


Take back control of your data


The first debit card with XRP rewards


The world’s first decentralized knowledge graph


The art of monetizing the most valuable content








AND THE WINNER IS: @origin_trail, the world’s first decentralized knowledge graph wins @Polkadot slot #17. 1830 contributors and more than 750 million DOT raised. As always, happy to offer our full support.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 19, 2022

STATUS CHECK: Here are some takeaways from the 2022 State of Crypto Report by @a16z. It's refreshing to see things written in black and white. 👇1️⃣ #Web3 is much better for creators2️⃣ #Crypto has a real-world impact3️⃣ #Ethereum is the clear leader

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 18, 2022

SOUL SEEKING: If you're lost somewhere in the multiverse, Vitalik & Co can guide you to a better place. In a #Decentralized Society, we point away from the hyper-financialized state & toward new humanistic possibilities around non-transferable “soulbound” NFTs. We're here. 👀

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 13, 2022

CRYPTO BLUES: Here's something to run smoothly in the background these days. We're not sobbing. ☺️ #crypto #blues 🎵

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 12, 2022

NEW WORK: Less time to talk, more things to do. Here's a warm-up to our latest #web3 efforts together with @origin_trail. @OT_Parachain 🔎@Polkadot

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 10, 2022


— hashmark (@HashMark_io) April 20, 2022

FOMO STEPS: When you’ve got an exciting new #web3 product, you can go ahead and play with the access button to create even more interest. Here’s a #fomo #dapp campaign done right.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) April 15, 2022

It’s a win win situation.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) April 13, 2022

GOLDEN TICKET: We want #web3 to be built on better values & #community involved in #DAO & #governance. Here’s a case: 4.5M answered Elon. When you own the biggest % of shares inside a company & influence millions, does the principle of avoiding human intervention still stand?

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) April 6, 2022

IT'S HARD: Into #crypto Or #web3? It's pretty busy lately. To keep the bar high, we need more Traffic Managers to oversee the projects. We're fully #decentralized (read #remote) and we work with top #talent only. Looking forward to receiving your CVs at

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) March 29, 2022

CRYPTO, DECRYPTED: When it comes to #crypto, we all agree that it is terribly explained. We’ve been in the industry for a while & we can’t imagine all the new terms, memes or acronyms could be a warm welcome to newcomers. Here's the perfect #starterpack

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) March 25, 2022

KEEPING IT REAL: When news and truth is under state restrictions? You make sure the messages reach the crowds through clever #advertising. #UkraineWar

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) March 10, 2022






Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd.
All rights reserved.