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The world is on the move from web2 to web3, physical to digital, products
to experiences, TV to VR, TGs to communities, consumers to creators.

We create brands and communication for the brave new world to help
your business thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

The change in creativity

driving the change

Decentralized talent for decentralized times. We work as a global team of
creatives, strategists and makers, sourcing the best in the business.

Our creativity powers trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge,
capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols.

The original crypto exchange


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MAKING OF: “We think differently.” The #founders of #BAYC have been close to #cryptotwitter ever since 2017. They noticed patterns, tapped into those insights & built @BoredApeYC. This gave a new dimension to the #NFT industry. The rest is history.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) August 11, 2022

WALLET-NATIVE: No more passive consumerism. In #web3, wallets turn a community into active participants via collection, ownership, patronage, and governance #participation. & w/ this, new #business models emerge. Let the wallet-based era begin. @viamirror

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) July 27, 2022

PRODUCT FIRST: To NFT or not to #NFT, that’s not the real question. To make the concept easily graspable, #communication saves the day. Bottom line, whether it’s #digital #collectibles or something else, only time and communities will tell. #tech @nftnow

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) July 22, 2022

COME STANDARD: No one will agree on what the #metaverse is. But that’s not stopping a coalition of big #tech names from designing the tools needed to build it. The #gITF could be the JPEG of the 3D world. Let's see. via @wired

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) July 14, 2022

FB NFT: Ok boomers might as well make it to #web3. With @Meta, of course. Their @facebook profiles could just be the golden ticket for #blockchain mass adoption.🎟️

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) July 1, 2022

LMGTFY: The translation of the #web3 knowledge graph to a more user-friendly approach comes with a lot of hard work and quality #tech behind it. We are glad to have helped the ‘Google of Web3’ get a matching visual concept for their launch. 🚀 @origin_trail

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) June 30, 2022

CURATED JOURNEY: Designing impactful experiences for #web3 brands comes with inspiration from #architecture or #typography. Here's an insight into what minimalism, neo-brutalism, the 90's retro feel or the multiverses have brought to the table. #uiuxdesign

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) June 10, 2022

BRANDING WEB3: Don't forget about the journey: what makes #web3 #marketing different and how #branding taps into the goals of a #decentralized organization. A diverse melting pot for talent & updated values meets community and progress. via @banklessDAO

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) June 7, 2022

IT’S TIME: To stop and spotlight the innovators, pioneers and leaders of 2022. These are the stories of our time. Most probably, we’ll be reading about the 2023 ones somewhere in the #multiverse. #TIME100

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) June 1, 2022

AND THE WINNER IS: @origin_trail, the world’s first decentralized knowledge graph wins @Polkadot slot #17. 1830 contributors and more than 750 million DOT raised. As always, happy to offer our full support.

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 19, 2022

STATUS CHECK: Here are some takeaways from the 2022 State of Crypto Report by @a16z. It's refreshing to see things written in black and white. 👇1️⃣ #Web3 is much better for creators2️⃣ #Crypto has a real-world impact3️⃣ #Ethereum is the clear leader

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 18, 2022

SOUL SEEKING: If you're lost somewhere in the multiverse, Vitalik & Co can guide you to a better place. In a #Decentralized Society, we point away from the hyper-financialized state & toward new humanistic possibilities around non-transferable “soulbound” NFTs. We're here. 👀

— hashmark (@HashMark_io) May 13, 2022






Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021 hashmark ltd.
All rights reserved.